Penguin Valentine Pail
This sweet little penguin craft is a project that has served me well over the years.  I came up with the idea over 15 years ago when my apartment complex held a balcony decorating contest.  The grand prize:  one month free rent.  As a cash strapped newlywed, I needed to come up with a winning idea that wouldn’t cost much to make.  I came up with this fun penguin from a milk jug idea, filled my balcony with cute penguins and a “south pole” sign, and won the contest!
 Milk Jug Penguin
I had fun revisiting this idea as a teacher, but I haven’t made this project in years.  My daughter has been very interested in penguins lately, and with Valentine’s day coming up I decided to put a little twist on my penguin jug project.  By cutting an opening in the back, this cute penguin project can double as a Valentine holder for class parties!
Project Estimate:
  • Plastic Gallon Container – on hand
  • Egg carton – on hand
  • Glue gun – on hand
  • Paint – on hand
  • Felt – on hand

Total:  Free

step one
Step one:  Use a craft razor to cut a large opening under the handle.

step two

Step two:  Cut the egg carton apart so you have two eyes and a beak.  Glue the pieces on as pictured.

step three

Step three:  Paint the eyes and chest with white paint.  Paint the rest of the penguin’s body black.  Paint the beak orange.

step four

Step four:  Cut wings and feet from felt, and hot glue them on.  Since this is a Valentine’s day craft, I cut heart shapes for the feet and wings.  You can make other embellishments like a hat, crown, etc. and glue those on.

This sweet penguin is ready for the Valentine’s day party!  My daughter has already snatched him up and is using it to hold little toys in her room.  It makes a cute little storage container, as well as funny decorative piece.  Best of all, this project costs nothing since most of the materials used were recycled.  Have fun crafting and creating!

DIY Penguin Valentine Pail