Custom Tissue Box Cover - Don't want that box of tissues on the end table to stick out like a sore thumb?  Make yourself a custom tissue box cover, and then no matter which tissues you buy, they'll always look good with your decor!

Tissue boxes come in a lot of fun prints these days, but it’s still sometimes difficult to find a box that matches your decor.  Don’t want that box of tissues on the end table to stick out like a sore thumb?  Make yourself a custom tissue box cover, and then no matter which tissues you buy, they’ll always look good with your decor!

Project estimate:

  • Foam core board, on hand or $1
  • Box of tissues, on hand or $1
  • Double stick tape, on hand or $1 and up
  • Scotch tape, on hand or $1
  • Scrapbook paper or heavy wrapping paper, on hand or $1
  • Embellishments, on hand

Total:  Free and up

Custom tissue box cover

Measure tissue box and add one inch to end and 1/2 inch to the top. Cut 4 pieces of foam core using these measurements. Measurements have to be exact and cuts need to be clean, so make sure you use a very sharp blade for precise results.

Custom tissue box cover

To cut the foam core, place a metal ruler on the line you want to cut. Cut from one edge to the other and gently break the two pieces at the cut. From the back side, cut a straight line between the two pieces.

Custom tissue box cover

Carefully tape the pieces together making a square. Place it over the tissue box to make sure it fits.

custom tissue box cover

Place the foam core box on another piece of foam core and trace it. This will be the top of your tissue box cover. Carefully and evenly cut it out.

Custom tissue box cover

Using a plain sheet of paper, draw an opening for the top of the tissue box. I suggest a round opening for the smaller tissue boxes and a rectangular opening for the long tissue boxes. Cut it out and position it in the center of the top piece of foam core. Carefully and evenly cut it out of the top piece of foam core.

Custom tissue box cover

Tape the top onto the sides. It must fit perfectly.

Covering your new Tissue Box Cover

Custom tissue box cover

Measure and cut apiece of paper that overlaps the top of the box 1″ all the way around. Place the tissue box on top of the paper and trace the edges. Fold those edges so that you have 4 sharp edges.

Custom tissue box cover

Holding your paper with the wrong side up, cut out the folded corners. Place 2 pieces of double sided tape on the top of your box and put the paper on the top. With regular tape, tape the edges to the sides of the box and below the corners so that they don’t gap open.

Custom tissue box cover

Turn the top of the box over and using your cutting tool, cut inside the opening as shown in the picture. Using regular tape, tape the pieces to the inside of the opening.

I used scrapbook paper so I needed 2 pieces to cover the sides. I over lapped them about an inch and secured them together with double back tape. Measure the sides and add 1″ to the height. Also, I started the paper on the sides about 1/4 inch from the top. This way, when I embellished it you couldn’t see where the two papers met. Use the double sided tape at the top of the paper you’re using. Starting at a corner, go around the box, folding each corner you pass until you get to the corner where you started. Use double back tape to finish the seam.

Custom tissue box covers

Then it’s time to EMBELLISH! Use ribbon, gems, flowers, beads, fancy cut paper, make it your own! The possibilities are unlimited so have fun!


  • I didn’t use hot glue in making and covering the box for two reasons: One, it sets too quickly and your corners take time to fit perfectly and two, no matter how little I used it left a bump. I did, however, use it while embellishing.
  • Make your corners very sharp and even. It is very noticeable if you don’t.
  • You can reinforce the corners on the inside with a bead of hot glue if you feel your tissue box isn’t strong enough. I used lots of tape so I didn’t think I had to, it was pretty strong.