10 Unicorn Crafts for Magical Crafting Adventures

Who says that unicorns are just for kids? These free unicorn craft ideas would work well for kids or for grown ups. Get your magical unicorn rainbow craft on, y’all.

1. Rainbow Cuddles Crochet Unicorn Pattern – ChiWei at One Dog Woof offers up this free pattern for the cutest crochet unicorn I have ever seen.

2. Fabric Unicorn Horn Headband – The How to Gal made this unicorn horn headband for her daughter’s fifth birthday, but who says you have to be a kid to wear one of these?

3. Paper Unicorn Horn – If fabric isn’t your thing, you can still make yourself a unicorn horn. I think this would look extra cute if you mix up tissue paper colors a bit.

4. Winged Unicorn Embroidery Pattern – Little Dear Tracks shares a free embroidery pattern for a super cute winged unicorn.

5. Unicorn Poop Cookies – You can really use any sugar cookie recipe you like, then follow the directions at Instructables to make unicorn poop.

6. Unicorn Hoodie – This is another kid project that would work well for adults. Check out this scrappy unicorn costume that Twin Dragonfly Designs made. Easily scale-uppable for a grown up hoodie.

7. Unicorn Jewelry Dish – Turn a crappy plastic unicorn party favor and a thrifted ceramic tray into a cute place to stash your favorite pieces of jewelry with this tute from Lipsticks n Stones.

8. Paper Mache Unicorn Head – Lil Blue Boo made this unicorn head for her daughter’s room, and I would like one for my room, please.

9. Unicorn Silhouette Art – This unicorn art by The Really Fun Stuff is another piece for a kid’s room that I would like in my house.

10. Freezer Paper Stencil – Add a unicorn to your favorite tee with a homemade stencil. From the Hive shows you how.