Woodland Cupcake Stand

We celebrated my nephew’s first birthday recently, and my sister chose an adorable woodland gnome theme for the party. I offered to make a cupcake stand for the party and recruited my husband to help me with it (because I can’t be trusted with power tools!) I love the project that we made together! Keep reading to learn how you can make an adorable woodland themed cupcake stand. This is perfect for any party with an outdoor or fairy theme.

Make Woodland Cupcake Stand

Project Estimate:

  • Cut Wood – on hand
  • Dowel Rods – on hand
  • Wood stain – on hand
  • Screws – on hand
  • Embellishments – on hand

Total: Free


Step one: Cut the wood into plate sized ovals or circles, and sand the edges. Arrange the pieces until you have a shape and size that you like and that is balanced. If you don’t have a piece for the base like I did, you can start with a large circular cut of wood for the base.

Step two: Use screws to attach the dowel rods and wood pieces together.

Step three: Stain the dowel rods so they match the cut wood pieces.

Step four: Embellish the cupcake stand with butterflies, flowers, etc.  I used hot glue to attach them.

Make a Cupcake Stand

If you don’t have cut trees on hand like we did, you can find similar pieces of wood at your local hobby store. Of course, using materials you have on hand means you can make this project with no expense! You could add flowers all around this for a shower, add glitter and wings for a fairy themed party, or lots of insects for a bug party. Have fun crafting and creating!

DIY Woodland Cupcake Stand