10 Cute Garden Crafts for Your Spring Garden

Garden center, schmarden center! Make your garden cute with handmade touches instead of pre-made plastic doodads.

1. Miniature Toadstools – How cute would these be in a little pot of herbs?

2. Rainbow Wind Chime – Save your empty cans of beans and follow this clever tute from Creative Green Living to transform them into a pretty wind chime for your garden.

3. Magical Fairy Garden – Fairy gardens are super hip, and you can add one to your spring garden in under a week with this tutorial from Crafting a Green World.

4. DIY Concrete Stepping Stones – Stepping stones are so expensive, and there aren’t a lot of design options at most garden centers. These DIY stones from Nancy Mizelle even use homemade molds, so you can really make these look however you want (and whatever size you need!).

5. Pallet Garden Path – Cano shares three garden DIYs, and this pallet path is such a simple alternative to stone or pebble paths.

6. Rain Chain – A rain chain does double duty: it protects the soil around your gutters from eroding, and it looks so much better than a regular downspout.

7. Ladder Shelf – Good Housekeeping’s ladder shelf is such a cool way to grow more in a small space. I’d love to cover this in potted herbs!

8. Fabric Pots – Plain plant pots are bo-RING! I love these vibrant fabric covered pots by Wholesome Mommy.

9. Pallet Organizer – Our Little Acres shows you how to store your most-used garden tools on an upcycled wood pallet.

10. Farmhouse Table – You work hard in your garden. Show it off with an outdoor dinner party at this farmhouse-style table that you can build yourself with instructions from Thrifty and Chic.