Tutorial:  Cheep + Easy Frosted Easter Eggs

Make those plain ol’ plastic Easter eggs look fancy with a cheap and easy makeover!  By covering the eggs in Epsom salt, you can give them a whole different look.  You can even add some glitter for an even bigger statement!

image (6)

Project estimate:

  • Plastic Easter eggs, on hand or $1
  • School glue, on hand
  • Epsom salt, on hand or $1

Total:  Free and up

image (7)

Pour the glue on a plate.  With the paint brush, paint 1/2 of the Easter egg with the glue.  Roll the egg in the Epsom salt and move it to another plate to dry.

Continue until you have painted half of all the eggs and dipped in the Epsom salt.

image (5)

When the eggs have dried, paint the other half with glue and roll in Epsom salt.  Let dry over night and enjoy.