Have you seen the long, skinny scarves that Dollar Tree had for St. Patrick’s Day the last couple of years?  I realized that they are absolutely perfect for making fabric flowers, which inspired me to make this fun headband!  If you can’t find these scarves (the best seasonal stuff usually sells out pretty quick), then you can also substitute any long, skinny strip of fabric.

Project estimate:

  • Headband,  $1
  • Shamrock scarf, $1
  • Needle and thread, on hand
  • Hot glue, on hand

Total:  $2

Making the Roses:


Thread your needle with about 24″ of thread, doubled. Fold the scarf putting the hemmed edges on the inside until it is about 1″ wide. Fold the end over to make a point as shown in picture.


Start rolling the scarf. After about three rolls, sew the bottom as in the picture. Continue until your rose is the size you want.


Cut the scarf and fold it over to hide the raw edge and make a few more stitches to hold it in place. I made three roses.

Making the Leaves:


Each leaf takes 5″ of fabric. Fold the scarf so that the edges are hidden then fold to a point as shown in the picture.


Fold the two edges in towards the middle and then again. Make a few stitches so that it will keep its shape. The hot glue will keep it from coming undone. I made three leaves.

Gluing the Roses and Leaves to the Headband:


Apply two leaves and then the third. Put the glue directly on the headband then gently place and hold each one down. The same with the roses, apply the glue directly to the headband. This keeps you from using too much glue and burning your fingers.

Here is the order in which I added the parts:


When placing the roses, do so that they are facing at a slight angle.