10 DIY Baby Gifts that New Parents Need

Do you have a baby shower coming up? It feels like so many of my friends are having kids right now. There are so many new babies to craft for! These are some sweet DIY baby gifts that the new parents in your life will love. New parents get overwhelmed with gifts like cute clothes and stuffies. Be the shower guest that gives the parents-to-be something that they’ll use all the time. I asked my parent friends what their favorite, functional shower gifts were and included a couple of my own faves from when my guy was born.

1. Drool Bib – A new baby doesn’t eat solid food yet, but they drool and spit up like gangbusters. Drool bibs mean fewer outfit changes, and that means less laundry for mom and dad to worry about.

2. Changing Mat – This is one of the best things a new parent can have. It’s got pockets for spare diapers and wipes, and it folds out into a changing mat that they can use anywhere. Seriously. I have changed my kid in the grass at rest areas on his changing mat more times than I can count. It’s a lifesaver if your new parent friends like to travel or really even if they like to leave the house.

3. Spare Crib Sheet – You can never have enough spare crib sheets. Go with a neutral color, or stealthily find out what the nursery colors are going to be, and make something that matches.

4. Diaper Covers – Even if your friend isn’t planning to cloth diaper, a cover is super handy. My son learned to take his diaper off at an early age, and the cover makes that much, much harder. Also, you can make them out of cute fabrics!

5. Stroller Blanket – If the parents-to-be like taking walks or going on runs, a stroller blanket will make it easy to keep their kiddo cozy, even on winter outings. That might not seem important in the middle of spring, but we used our stroller blanket until my kid was around 18 months, so there’s plenty of cold weather time left between now and the baby outgrowing this sucker.

6. Swaddle – There were lots of things I wanted as a new mom, but one the most priceless gift was a few hours of precious sleep. Many kids sleep better in a good swaddle, and this tutorial looks a lot like the ones that my son seemed to like best. Sure, you can use a blanket to swaddle. But this takes out all of the guesswork.

7. Coupon Book – Look, I know that coupon books are cheesy, but hear me out. Asking for help is hard as a new parent. Give the parents-to-be a handmade book of coupons for things like: one home-cooked meal, made by you; a free nap, where you watch the baby; one load of dishes or laundry (or both!). These are priceless gifts! If you think that your friend wouldn’t actually cash these in, some freezer-safe containers full of heat-and-eat meals will be just as treasured.

8. DIY Moby Wrap – As a formerly baby-wearing mom, I remember how hard it was to find the right wrap. Different ones work for different people (and different babies!). This simple DIY Moby wrap is one great option for new parents.

9. Table Cloth Baby Backpack – Babies need good neck control before you can carry them on your back, but some kids prefer this method.

10. Nursing Cover – It can be tricky to find somewhere to nurse when you’re out and about. A good, large nursing cover makes it much easier to go out with a new baby. My friend Annie suggested sizing up your usual nursing cover tute a bit – more coverage is good!