10 Ways to Update Last Year's Sunglasses - Bring on the sunshine, and pull out those sunglasses! And give them a crafty makeover while you're at it.

Spring is my absolute favorite season. Cold and dark weather and I do not get along, and I love that spring is the furthest we’ll get from winter. Bring on the sunshine, and pull out those sunglasses! And give them a crafty makeover while you’re at it.

1. Glitter Shades – This tute from A Beautiful Mess is simple, but the results are dramatic.

2. Striped D&G-Style Sunglasses – This Dolce and Gabana knock off by Trinkets in Bloom costs less than $20 to make. If you already have a pair of sunglasses, it’s as cheap as a bottle of nail polish in your favorite color.


3. Sunglass Pendant – Uh oh. Did your frames break? Turn those old shades into a sweet pendant with this tute by Jewels of Sayuri.

4. Rhinestone Glasses – Hit the thrift (or your jewelry stash!) for old rhinestone jewelry to take apart and deck out your old sunglasses. This is another one from Trinkets in Bloom!

5. Floral Frames – What a sweet, simple way to add a pop of color to last year’s black sunglasses by Olivia Frescura.

6. Baroque-Inspired Sunglasses – Polymer clay is Inspiration Realisation’s secret ingredient for making these intricate DIY sunglasses.

7. Ray Ban Knockoffs – Chic Cheat created this pair of striped sunglasses in multicolor!

8. Embroidered Lenses – Grab your dremel, kids, because Honestly WTF is going to show you how to drill right into your lenses to make way for some cross stitch goodness!

9. Fabric Stripes – Wrap the sides of your sunglasses in fabric. What I Wore uses stripes, but I think that flowers, polkadots, or other small, repeating patterns would also look really cute.

10. Embellished Cat’s Eyes – Chunky beads add some sparkle to an old pair of What I Wore’s cat’s eye sunglasses.