Looking for an easy way to make personalized art?  Try making a yarn-wrapped name!  This project is especially great for folks with uncommon names, who may find it difficult (or even impossible) to locate store-bought items bearing their moniker.  Heather used a fun tool called a Loopdedoo to make this project even easier, though it isn’t necessary.  (But once you watch the video, you will want one!)

yarn name art

Project estimate:

  • Pipe cleaners, on hand or $1
  • Yarn, on hand or $1 and up

Total: Free and up!

yarn wrapped name art

Wrap a pipe cleaner with yarn, starting at one end and working to the other, until the entire thing is covered.  Depending on the length of the name or other word you want to spell out, you may need multiple pipe cleaners.

yarn wrapped lettering

Bend the pipe cleaners into cursive-style letters.  Twist any loops to keep them secure.

pipe cleaner word art

When you reach the end of a pipe cleaner, twist it together with the end of another pipe cleaner.

finishing ends of pipe cleaners

Use additional yarn to wrap around any pipe cleaner ends that are showing.

Yarn Wrapped Name Art - Looking for an easy way to make personalized art?  Try making a yarn-wrapped name!  You can make this project with or without the Loopdedoo.