10 DIY Kitchen Storage Ideas

We have been in a bit of a cooking rhythm lately. Now that the weather is nice, my husband has been grilling, which means I’m planning fewer of our meals. I must be missing the kitchen, because now I want to reorganize ours from top to bottom. These are some of the kitchen organization ideas that are speaking to me right now.

1. DIY Utensil Organizer – Turn an old wooden box into a cute organizer for your utensils that matches your kitchen decor with this tutorial from A Beautiful Mess.

2. Drawer Divider – Do you prefer using hidden storage? Turn a messy drawer into a tidy one with homemade drawer dividers.

3. Door Organizer – Turn an old slatted closet door into vertical storage with a pop of color with C.R.A.F.T.

4. Chalkboard Spice Jars – Is your spice cabinet a hot mess like mine is? These tiny chalkboard mason jars by Raising Up Rubies look like such a great solution. Keep them in a drawer and find the spice you need with ease.

5. Scotch Tin Storage – Turn old Scotch tins into storage tins! Look What I Made uses hers for pasta storage, but this would work well for other dry goods, too.

6. Pegboard Organizer – I can vouch for the awesomeness of a pegboard in the kitchen. We have one hanging over our stove, and I love that my most-used pots, pans, and measuring doodads are at my fingertips when I’m cooking. Apartment Therapy has the basics for setting one up.

7. Pegboard Backsplash – What can I say? Pegboard in the kitchen is super handy. Who needs a tile backsplash when you can do a budget friendly pegboard that also boosts your storage power, like The Budget Decorator?

8. Ladder Pot Rack – I love the look of a pot rack, and this one from Woman’s Day is made from an old ladder!

9. Hidden Hanging Storage – Turn in insides of your cabinet doors into hidden hanging storage. This idea from The Everyday Home is kind of genius!

10. Lego Utensil Holder – Raid your kid’s Legos to make a utensil holder that’s just the right size for your countertop. Catch My Party built a container to hold utensils for her kid’s birthday party, but I think this would be great for adding some color to a monochromatic kitchen, too.