10 DIY Emoji Crafts, Because Why Should Your Phone Have all the Fun?

When emojis were brand new, I was staunchly against them. They seemed so cheesy to me! Well, I have come over to the dark side, my friends. I have embraced the cheesiness and now use emojis like a tween with her first phone. Let’s take our emoji love to the next level with some DIY emoji crafts!

1. Emoji Marquee – Get bold with your emoji obsession with a light-up marquee from A Beautiful Mess.

2. Ornaments – These printable emoji ornaments from Lines Across would also make a cute keychain.

3. Nail Art – We Heart Crafts has a great video tutorial for painting your nails with emojis.

4. Emoji Easter Eggs – Man, I just missed the boat on this one. If you don’t do the egg thing, this tute from Studio DIYwould work well with ceramic eggs, too!

5. Masks – Alice & Lois’s emoji masks are delightfully creepy.

6. Emoji Cards – These felt emoji cards by Unbelievably Human are total keepsakes.

7. DIY Emoji Pillows – Jill Cimorelli’s video shows you how to make no-sew emoji pillows.

8. Emoji Pinata – Brite & Bubbly bills this as a Valentine’s Day craft, but I think this would be cute for a birthday party too.

9. Coasters – Pysselbolaget uses perler beads to make emoji coasters. What a great collision between an old-school craft and something totally modern.

10. Coin Purse – Cut out and Keep has a cute tute for making a little zippered emoji coin purse.