no sew pumpkins

The problem with seasonal decor, especially if you live somewhere with limited storage space, is finding a place to put it once its season has passed for the year.  If you are familiar with this conundrum, then you need to see these adorable fabric pumpkins by Ananda at A Piece of Rainbow.  Believe it or not, these cute little decorative pumpkins are constructed using rolls of toilet paper and various fabric items from around the house: kitchen linens, clothing, scarves, or whatever else you happen to have on hand.  When it comes time to change your seasonal decor, just disassemble them and return all of the items to where they belong – no special holiday storage required!  [how to make no sew fabric pumpkins with toilet paper]

Project estimate:

  • Toilet paper, on hand
  • Fabric items, on hand
  • Twig, on hand

Total:  FREE!