Easy Watercolor Quote Art - Even if You're Not Artistic!

Watercolors are trending and popular right now, and while painting a great watercolor painting can be tricky, this watercolor quote art is not tricky at all! Well, there is a trick to it, but anyone can do it, and make gorgeous watercolor wall art. I share my how-to (including a video demonstrating everything) over at eBay, so hop over there to find out how easy and fun this project is: [easy watercolor quote art project]

I used dollar store alphabet stickers for this project, and you can use a box of dollar store watercolor paints, too! This would be a great project for a girls’ craft night, and teens and tweens will love this project as well.

Project Materials:

  • Watercolor paints, $1
  • Watercolor paper, $1
  • Alphabet stickers, $1
  • Paint brush, on hand or $1
  • Zip-top bag, on hand

Total: $3 and up