DIY Geometric Painted Wood Wreath

Wreaths are the best craft – easy to make, infinitely variable, and when you’re done, you have a cool decoration to adorn your home or your front door. Over at Live.Craft.Love, I posted instructions for how to make this eye-catching geometric wreath that is made by painting wooden circles with hand-mixed shades of acrylic paint. Set aside an evening or a crafternoon to make this one – you can thank me later! Instructions here: [geometric decor painted wood wreath]

Materials you can find at the dollar store:

  • Wreath form, $1
  • Acrylic paint pots, $1
  • Burlap ribbon, $1
  • Hot glue gun & glue sticks, on hand
  • You will also need: 12 wooden craft circles, 2 for $1, $6 total

Total cost: $9