Creative Baby Shower Activity Idea: DIY Quilt Blocks to turn into a keepsake quilt for baby!

I attended my first coed baby shower this week (for my brother & his wife – yay for a new nephew!), and I was in charge of bringing an activity for the party. I wanted to provide a fun and creative baby shower activity that would result in a gorgeous gift for the baby, so I set up a DIY Quilt Block station and had family and friends each draw a special quilt block that would later be sewn into a quilt.

This labor of love was so much fun, and turned out great (and wasn’t too hard to sew together), so I wrote up instructions in case you want to try it too! Find all my instructions, tips, and tricks over at my column on eBay: [how to make a baby shower quilt]

Creative Baby Shower Quilt Activity -- this is so fun and creative!