Dollar store craft: easy fall leaf garland

A few weeks ago, I shared a cute spray paint makeover on some dollar store pumpkins, and today I have another project from the same great blog, Up to Date Interiors. This time, the project is transforming dollar store faux leaves into a pretty decorator garland, using the magic of (you guessed it) — spray paint! Find the instructions here: [painted fall leaves garland]

Project Materials:

  • Faux fall leaves, $1 and up
  • Spray paint, white and copper, on hand or about $3 a can*
  • Needle & thread, on hand

Total cost: $7 and up

*I do NOT recommend buying the $1 spray paint – it covers poorly so you have to paint multiple coats, and it just never looks that good. Much better use of your money to buy a decent quality spray paint instead!