9 Easy Christmas Treats to Make

As a mom of four little boys, I have had to adjust my expectations of Christmas activities. There simply isn’t enough time, patience, or sanity to do EVERYTHING, and I have had to learn to cut corners. But just because I cut corners doesn’t mean there isn’t still plenty of Christmas magic to be found! Over at eBay, I have posted nine edible Christmas crafts and snacks that you can make in just minutes, using stuff from your kitchen pantry (or that you can find at the dollar store). Keep calm, and Christmas on! [9 Christmas Treats to Make]

1. Healthy Christmas Tree Snack
2. Santa Pancake
3. Rudolph Pancake
4. Candy Cane-Shaped Cherry Cheese Danish
5. Hidden Reese’s Sugar Cookies
6. Santa’s Gingerbread Buttons
7. Candy Cane Heart
8. Popcorn and Bead Garland
9. Melted Candy Dish