How to Clean Rubber Stamps

Image by flickr user Kwan Kwan. Licensed via Creative Commons.

Rubber stamps are a fun craft supply, because they allow you to quickly and simply repeat an image over and over. But if you don’t clean your rubber stamps properly, they can transfer undesired ink colors to ink pads or stamping surfaces, or deteriorate more quickly over time. Over at eBay*, I have shared information on How to Clean Rubber Stamps, so go check out how to keep your stamps looking clean and healthy! (*I wrote that article as a part of a paid collaboration with eBay.)

One method for cleaning rubber stamps can be made with dollar store stuff!

DIY Stamp Cleaner


  • A travel soap case
  • A kitchen sponge

Total cost: $2

Just wet a kitchen sponge with a water and a bit of dish soap, and insert the sponge into a travel soap case. Clean your rubber stamps off between each ink color application. (This method works best for pigment ink pads – be sure to check my article for info on how to clean permanent ink from rubber stamps).

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