Altered tin

Image by flickr user Constanza. Licensed via Creative Commons.

We live in a use-it-up and throw-it-out society. Because of the low cost of creating more and more goods, most of us are guilty of shopping more when we could be reducing and reusing. (As an avid fan of the dollar store, I am all too aware of the level of my own personal consumerism!).

For rubber stampers, one item that gets used up frequently is an ink pad. They dry out, you want a new color, etc. etc. Well, over at eBay*, I have written an article with ideas on How to Reuse an Ink Pad. One of my ideas is to take the dry ink pad out and alter the case (similar to the image above, which is actually an altered Altoid tin, but the idea would work just as well for dry ink pads). (*I wrote that article as part of a paid collaboration with eBay.)

Can you think of some good ways to reuse dry ink pads? What do you think about the ideas I came up with?