Tips for Getting Started With Pottery

I call myself an “omni-crafter,” which to me, means that I enjoy jumping from one craft to another. I always like to learn something new! I have a few crafts on my “crafting bucket list” that I would like to try, like glass-fusing, mixed media collage, and POTTERY! Well, I did have the opportunity to try pottery when I took a pottery class a few years ago at my local YMCA.

I took the class for 6 weeks, and came home with several very misshapen pots and bowls, but I had a blast. I would love to devote more time to learning and improving my pottery techniques.

Over at eBay*, I’ve written some Tips for Getting Started With Pottery — some things to think about before you jump in. Check my article out! (*I wrote that article as a part of a paid collaboration with eBay.)