Tutorial: Candy Bouquet - dollar store crafts

Do you want to impress someone with a wonderful handmade gift, but you’re on a budget? Here’s the perfect solution: make a candy bouquet! Use dollar store candy and supplies to make an inexpensive, yet very impressive bouquet, made up of your gift recipient’s favorite sweet treats. 

Tutorial: Candy Bouquet

Anyone can make a candy bouquet! It is a simple and clever craft, and looks so impressive once it’s done.

Project estimate:

  • Floral foam, $1
  • Glass container, on hand or $1
  • Assorted candy, $1.00 and up
  • Bamboo skewers, on hand or $1
  • Hot glue, on hand
  • Basket filler, $1

Totals: $3 and up

How to Make a Candy Bouquet Video Tutorial:

Read on for written instructions for how to make a candy bouquet:

Tutorial: Candy bouquet

  1. Cut the floral foam to fit the inside of the container.  Floral foam is very easy to cut. You can simply use a knife to slice to cut to the right size.

Tutorial: Candy Bouquet

2. After the foam is on place put basket filler on top.  You may chose to glue it in place.

Tutorial: Candy bouquet

3. This is the fun part!  Using the glue gun place a small amount of glue on the candy and place the skewer flat on the glue.

Cut skewers with utility scissors to make them different lengths — this makes a more pleasing bouquet!

Tutorial: Candy bouquet - dollar store crafts

4. Once it has cooled, arrange the candy skewers in the container.  Continue placing the candy in the container until you have the desired look. Trim skewers if necessary to give the bouquet a range of “flower” heights!

Tutorial: Candy bouquet - dollar store crafts

The wonderful thing about candy bouquets is they can be given to anyone.  They can be a birthday present, boss gift, husband gift, graduation gift (slip some gift cards in  between the candy), Mother’s Day (place flowers randomly around the candy), a treat for someone in the hospital, etc.  You name it!  Another great gift for someone with a flower allergy!  Wedding center piece?? You decide!

What do you think? Could you make a candy bouquet? (We think so! They are so easy and fun!)

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How to Make a Candy Bouquet - Dollar Store Crafts