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Supply Challenge: Placemats

18 March 2010 6,937 views 8 Comments

by heather

Announcing our first theme challenge! You will use the theme item to craft up a project. The theme? A placemat! You have until March 30 to make and post your placemat craft project (bonus points for a tutorial... okay, there aren't any points, but tutorials are so awesome!) Submit your project link at BlogCarnival (scroll all the way down to that page and click on "submit an article"), and I'll do a roundup of the posts on (or around) April 1st.

To inspire you, here are a few past dollar store craft projects featuring the placemat:

Get crafting! Be creative!

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  • Becca said:

    Ooo I’m excited! Do they have to be Dollar Store placemats?

  • Nikki said:

    YAY!!!!!!! I’m so excited about this because I literally JUST picked up some this week for a project I’m working on!!!!! :)

  • Audra said:

    Fun! I’m asumming they HAVE to be placemats from the Dollor store. Is this right?

  • heather (author) said:

    @Audra & Becca, no they don’t have to be from the dollar store!

  • Aimee @ In THIS Life said:

    Does the project I did two weeks ago count, or do we need to do a brand-new one?

  • heather (author) said:

    @Aimee, technically the challenge is for these two weeks, but if your project is on-topic, that’s fine! :) Not like there are any stakes/prizes! :)

  • holly said:

    hey, i’m doing two things from one placemat, does that count as two projects or one?

  • Nana said: