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Make River Rock Boot Trays

23 October 2010 412,572 views 34 Comments

by heather

Make a Martha-inspired river rock boot tray with a few large serving trays and several bags of river rocks. Su at Vively Online shared this clever and chic idea. It's a great way to bring a little of the outdoors inside, and it's such a simple and pretty idea, like our Pebble Mat from a few months ago, but easier! Those of you who have young boys (like me) won't be able to make these for a few years, but the rest of you can go out and get a few bags of river rocks next time you go to the dollar store. [how to make river rock boot trays]

Project Estimate:

  • Tray, $1
  • River rocks, about 3-4 bags, $3-4

Total: $4 and up

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  • mer said:

    love this

  • Su said:

    Thanks so much for the feature!

  • Bromeliad said:

    What a great idea – so natural and so much prettier than a typical door mat.

  • Kristen @ High Heels and a Hammer said:

    What a great idea – very pretty!

  • ...love Maegan said:

    love it.
    love it.
    LOVE IT.

  • Margaret Reynolds said:


  • heather (author) said:

    Try Dollar Tree or Walmart.

  • Jennifer @ Natural Parents Network said:

    This is so much nicer looking than my pile of shoes on a mat. I would have to glue down the rocks though, my little boys are prone to filling their pockets with them! Plus, that way I can easily take them out and hose them off.

  • Doris Reeves said:

    We are getting ready to move from the south, to North Dakota. I already have the mat, I just need the rocks. I’m sure my husband will be wearing home snow packed boots frequently.

  • Mary K. said:

    I wonder if you could use those mesh mats of river rocks that they sell at home improvement stores. It would be more expensive but then those of us with little boys could still do this.

  • Rachel said:

    So cute! Last winter i used a cookie sheet with a cute towell on it – however – we have ceramic tile and the water on the sheet somehow rusted a part of my tile – so just a heads up – you may want to put a small rug or placemat under the metal plate :) – i have a baby that would eat the rocks… but once she gets bigger – will definately do this (with a towell under it of couse lol!)

  • heather (author) said:

    @Rachel, thanks for the tips!!

  • Marnie said:


  • Denver Professional Home Organizer & Decorator said:

    How cute!!! Is it easy to drain the water out that it collects?

  • Rachel Hollingsworth said:

    @Rachel, Tip- To avoid the rust, spray paint with Rustoleum!

  • Claudia said:

    Do you glue the rocks? How can you keep them flat?

  • The Monko said:

    I really love the way this looks

  • Rachael Daniels said:

    In your blog you say “dollar store” where I live i don’t think our dollar store carries things like these, what’s the name of your dollar store chain? Ours is the dollar tree, where everything in the store is a dollar. Or we have dollar general which it’s random prices. Thanks for the idea can’t wait to do this!

  • heather (author) said:

    Hi Rachael, The store I shop at is Dollar Tree too. You can get the river rocks in the floral section, and smaller cookie sheets in the baking section.

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  • Arlena said:

    I wouldn’t recommend this if you have any pets in the house. It would be much too easy for a small dog to end up playing with the pebbles and possibly even choke on them.

  • karebear said:

    The link for how to make it does not work. I’d like to know what you glue it with. Thanks.

  • heather (author) said:

    @karebear — you just put rocks in a tray. No glue needed. If you DO want to glue, I would use E-6000 or silicone caulk.

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  • Mary said:


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  • Maryse said:

    Great idea ! Not only is it practical and nice, it brings nature inte the home thus some Zen :)

  • Tia said:

    I love this!! How do you drain the collected water though?

  • Gwen said:

    Menards frequently has plastic boot trays for $1 or free after rebate. I’ll be glueing my rocks down with E-6000 (Wal-Mart). Found the rocks @ my Dollar Tree – by floral & candles.

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