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Store Cupcake Liners in a DIY Apothecary Jar

17 February 2012 88,228 views 10 Comments

by heather

diy cupcake wrapper storage

A few weeks ago, I saw a fantastic idea over at TidyMom where she used a tall kitchen storage jar as a pretty way to store cupcake liners. I am a cupcake liner addict, so I have way more than I can use in a year. I loved TidyMom's solution, and the fact that it put the cupcake liners out on display where they can be seen and enjoyed. A few days later, I had an a-ha moment when I realized that I already have the perfect cupcake display item - the large apothecary jar project I made awhile back using a dollar store vase and candlestick.

Project Estimate:

  • Large vase, $1
  • Large glass candlestick, $1
  • Small glass bowl, 3 for $1
  • Small cut glass drawer pulls, 2 for $6.77 (at W-M)
  • E-6000 glue, on hand

Total: $5.71

Click over to my Apothecary Jar Tutorial to find out how to make it!

And, start storing your cupcake liners in style! I actually have mine sitting on my desk right next to my computer, and they make me feel happy every time I see them out on display.

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  • TidyMom said:

    Such a fun way to display those cupcake liners isn’t it!!

    thanks for the shout out Heather!

  • Michelle L. said:

    Super cuteness!

  • Carol Schnittker Pitney said:

    This is a great idea and will be my weekend project….Right now all of my cupcake liners are in a huge zip lock bag that keeps getting squished in the cabinet. Thanks :)

  • Michelle said:

    I love this…

  • April said:

    Love this idea! I am definitely pinning this. I am also a cupcake liner addict-and now Michael keeps having cute ones in their dollar spot. How can I resist??

  • AJDanko said:

    Just curious if you have any suggestions for preventing your cupcake liners from getting “stretched out”?

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  • Mindy said:

    So cute, but sooo bummed. Doesn’t look as if Dollar Tree carries these jars anymore. I looked on their site and could not find them. :(

    Great idea!

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