Old-fashioned wooden clothespins are a traditional favorite crafting supply, and they make great bases for these angel ornaments. You can make dozens of these angels to give away as gifts. They’ll only cost you a few pennies each!

I was inspired by this vintage ornament I have in my collection of personal ornaments:

Awhile back, I posted some dollar scores that included some bath poufs. I used the poufs for wings on these angels!

Project Materials:

  • Wooden clothespin $1 (for bag of about 30)
  • Bath pouf $1 for 2
  • Paint $1 (or on hand)
  • Pipecleaner/chenille stem $1 (or on hand)
  • Yarn $1 (or on hand)

Total cost: $1-4 for 30 ornaments


  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun
  • Paintbrush
  • Piece of recycled cardboard


1. Paint clothespins (top part skin colored, bottom part white, with accents as desired). Dot pink for cheeks, brown or red for lips, and black for eyes. I used a marker for the eyes.

2. Let clothespins dry. I used a piece of recycled cardboard (like from a cereal box) and accordion folded it to make a drying rack for the clothespins, which really helped them from rolling around. Important to keep the faces from smudging!

3. Cut string that is holding pouf into shape, and unravel the netting. Cut a piece of netting that’s about eight to twelve inches long.

4. Cut pipecleaner in half. Fold netting edges in toward the center of the netting and secure like a bow with the pipecleaner. Twist pipecleaner securely, and leave long pieces extending. You will be able to use pipecleaners like twisty ties to attach ornament to Christmas tree, or wreaths, etc.

5. When painted clothespin is dry, hot glue wings to back of clothespin.

6. To make hair, wrap yarn around your hand about ten times. Tie down center of wrapped yarn (as for making a pom-pom). Clip loops. Hot glue on clothespin.

7. Cut a short length of yellow pipecleaner and wrap it around your finger to make halo. Hot glue onto hair.