Using these Marc Jacobs tassel earrings as inspiration, Cara at Carbon Couture posted a tutorial on how to make lookalike high-fashion earrings. You should be able to find nearly all your supplies at the dollar store to make this great dollar store craft. Cara, quickly becoming my own personal go-to guru for style, said “These ornate tassel earrings will surely lift your spirits – and ensembles – for the remaining months of winter!”

You can substitute some of the listed materials for things you have on hand, or can find at the dollar store. For instance, if you don’t feel like picking up jewelry/beading supplies at the craft store, look for a suitable pair of earrings you can hack at the dollar store (or use an unloved pair you already own). You can use sewing thread or fishing line to stand in for the head pins and jewelry wire.

The box of safety pins I picked up at the dollar store have different sizes of pins, so you can mimic the mismatched pins used by Marc Jacobs.

Project Estimate:

  • Two tassels, $1 (or make your own)
  • Two earring posts, $1
  • Two head pins, $1
  • Safety pins, $1
  • Jewelry wire, $1
  • Various beads, $1
  • Hot glue, on hand
  • Scissors, on hand

Total cost: $6