Photo by Becca Brant

Craftster member nikimac made over a pair of plain dollar store flip-flops into a cute and classy customized pair of sandals. Her simple technique is easy enough for even kids to master, so none of us have an excuse for wearing hideous plastic flip-flops anymore! These flip-flops also have long ribbons so you can lace up around your ankles, for a cute touch. [found here]


Niki says: “I bought the basic flip-flops, cut off the ugly regular straps, then added icord (I use a knitting spool and rainbow ribbon yarn).  I don’t know how to knit the icord by hand, but I used one length about 9″ long for the main part and another about 2″ long for the thong part (I folded it in half over the longer cord).  The flip-flops came with plastic stoppers on the reverse side, so I just tied the ends of the icord to those after threading them through the holes.  Then I added extra ribbon through the two big holes so that you can tie them up your ankles too.”

Here are instructions make your own spool knitter out of recycleables.

Project Estimate:

  • Flip-flops, $1
  • Yarn, $1 or on hand
  • Spool knitter, on hand or make from recyclables

Total cost: $2