I used the super easy and quick Anna Sophia Kid Apron project to make some aprons for a couple kiddos, but I added a felt applique on each apron for my “Make Something Cool Everyday” project yesterday. The biggest challenge for me isn’t to make something cool each day, but to photograph it, upload the pictures to my computer, photo-edit them, and then write the accompanying blog post, all on the same day! So yeah, I’m a day late with reporting this one! Stay tuned tomorrow for today’s project!

Since there are already instructions for the apron, how about I tell you about my super-simple monogramming process?

Project Materials:

  • Craft Felt, $.33 (Wool felt will hold up better and longer under repeated washings)
  • Placemat, $1
  • Ribbon, $1

Total for Monogrammed Apron: $2.33

1. Cut out desired monogram with felt.

2. Pin onto placemat at desired.

3. Straight stitch around the perimeter of the letter. Here’s a reverse view of what it looks like.

4. Zig-zag stitch around the perimeter of the letter if desired. (My machine is old and picky and wouldn’t zig on this fabric).

5. You’re done!

Added detail on my apron: A ribbon tie. I got this ribbon from the packaging on a dollar store fleece blanket.

I sewed the ribbon on and tied it.