Well, it’s almost Halloween… I can almost hear the screams of ghouls fading away as “Jingle Bells” gets cued up in every mall across the USA (and possibly other countries, let me know when holiday music starts broadcasting in your country). Soon we’ll go nuts for the Holidays, but first, here are some fantastic last-minute Halloween ideas from readers and contributors (and a couple I spotted in my daily blog rounds). I want to let you all know that I really appreciate all your emails and project tips… thanks so much!

Paper Plate Angel Wings by Amy at Three in a Row: FREE

I love these angel wings that Amy came up with, that cleverly use the fluting on regular old white paper plates to evoke the texture of feathers. So pretty! You probably have some of these paper plates on hand already, so if you need a quick costume, look no further! Also, file this one away for the Holidays, because you might just need to outfit a little angel for some reason.

Quick and Lovely Luminary by Dot at Dabbled: $3

Turn a vase upside down and glue some spooky images inside, light up a battery-operated tea light, and you have a pretty luminary. This idea can be used for any holiday or occasion, depending on what images you use. File it away for all your party-planning gigs.

Gory to Glam Silver Skeletons by Joy at Joys of Home: $1

Joy gave her dollar store skellies a makeover by giving them a shot of silver spray paint and hanging them to her chandelier for an unexpected, yet glam, decoration. You know what else would be fun? Spraying skeletons with a bright fashion color – hot pink or lime green, anyone?

Tippi Hedren “The Birds” Costume by Haley at Wildwood Flwr: $4 for Birds

Haley used Dot’s DIY Raven project to make these creepy birds for her awesome costume! Love love love it!