I invited one of my favorite crafty artists, Christine from Jane Avion (remember her fabulous feather tree?), to create a tutorial for you, and she came up with this adorable oven mitt owl. Whooo doesn’t love owls? (ba-dum-dum!) Go visit Jane Avion for more great projects like these pretty moth closet sachets, dollar store bling necklaces, and luggage tags.

Oven Owl Mitt by Xine, Jane Avion

Project Estimate:

  • Oven mitt, $1
  • Dish towel, $1
  • on hand: needle, thread, scissors, and scrap of dark fabric for the beak.

Download the illustrated tutorial

Download the pattern

The illustrated tutorial also has the following instructions:
1) Determine if you need a right hand mitt or a left handed mitt.

2) Flip oven mitt over and trace outline on to paper to create mitt pattern. The pattern should be slightly lager than the actual mitt.
The image shows a pattern being made for a right handed mitt (notice thumb is on “wrong side”).

3) Use paper pattern to cut cotton fabric or dish towel on the wrong side. Note: cotton is a natural product, but it is not fire retardant
(don’t worry, the fabric will not be coming in direct contact with heat seeing as it will be going on the back of the mitt, just don’t  go flambe with this).

4) Pin fabric, wrong side up, onto the flip side of mitt. Again, image shown in picture is for a right handed person.

5) Do a running stitch around the mitt- leave the base area of the mitt open (the area where you hand enters the mitt.)
After sewing, clean up edges by cutting off excess fabric.

6) As if turning inside – out, flip the fabric on to the other side of the mitt. Now the thumb will be on the correct side.

7) Cut out wing pieces, sew wrong side out.Turn inside out close, and attach to mitt where indicated.

8) Cut out pieces for mask in a lighter fabric and sew together, wrong side out, leave an opening, turn inside out and finish off piece by
doing a decorative blanket stitch all the way around.

9) Cut out eye piece and attach to mask:
a) do a running running stitch around  edge of large eye piece.
b) attach center eye pieces to the middle of each large eye piece by sewing an asterisk shape.

10) Attach beak to center of mask. Attach mask to mitt.