Back in December, reader Heidi asked you “What would you do with this beaded cashmere sweater?” You gave a lot of suggestions, including:

  • Nora: if you really can’t see yourself wearing them you could refashion it into a purse or pillow.
  • Heather H: I think they would make lovely Christmas ornaments. You could make quite a few out of each one, and maybe on one side, embroider your grandmother’s name or initials on it. They could be given to family to remember her by.
  • Betz: I would be inclined to get them tailored. If your reader doesn’t want to wear them, I like the pillow and ornament ideas!
  • LizAnderson: Oh! If you decide to use the main body of the sweater, use the sleeves to make luxurious mittens. I know there are tutorials all over for that. Pretty, precious mittens. Or mitten liners.
  • Jessica: Christmas stockings and pillows. Maybe even put some of the sweaters in embroidery hoops to hang on the wall?
  • Tabitha: I would turn those sweaters into stockings.
  • Dot: You could turn them into beautiful vests by cutting off the sleeves, facing them with blanket binding or hem tape, and seaming the sides to fit. The sleeves could then be used for the other projects mentioned above.

She sent me a follow up email not long after the post, but I got so busy I didn’t post the photos of what she decided to do with her sweater. Check out what she decided to do:


I thought you’d like to see how I ended up using my grandma’s sweaters.  I made stockings for my daughter and me (mine is the “plain one”, according to her) and smaller ornament-sized stockings for my mom and 4 sisters.  The bigger stockings are lined with satin.  I am really happy with how they turned out.  Thank you for posting my question on your blog!

Thanks again,


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