Remember those cool framed bulletin boards I found at the Dollar Tree recently? Well, reader Joanne brilliantly grouped them with some pretty ribbon to make this great organizing wall. Don’t you feel more organized just LOOKING at it? I went back to DT and picked up six of these bulletin boards, too. My idea is slightly different (and you’ll have to wait to see it), but it’s inspired by a great item found at a famous designer furniture company whose initials are PB. [click here for more photos and info about Joanne’s project]

Project Estimate:

  • Bulletin boards, $6
  • Ribbon, $1
  • White board, on hand
  • Clock, on hand

Total: $7

p.s. Okay, I just found out if you decide to buy from Dollar Tree online, they will ship for free to your local DT store, which is GREAT for those of us who want to craft with stuff and KNOW we can get it when we go to the store! Ship it to your local Dollar Tree store for FREE!