Craft Foam Ball Owl: $1 and up

Dawn made this adorable owl from a craft foam ball, felt, and googly eyes. You should be able to make a bunch for a buck if you have felt and glue on hand (if you don’t have googly eyes, you should, but you can also sub felt cutouts for eyes). This would be a fun slumber party or scout troop project. Check out the tutorial over at Dawnypoo.

Owl Purse Tutorial: $1 and up

This cute owl purse tutorial is available at A Wednesday Afternoon. Chance are you have fabric in your stash to make this cutie. You can also find a bunch of adorable owl project ideas here. I found it via Reader Crafty Little Beana’s blog. Click here for the tutorial.

Cute Kitty Votives: $1 and up

Meli at Mother Mary Machine made these cute votives using some cute magazine images, mod podge, and nail polish! This is a great way to use up old nail polish colors. Admit it, you have a drawer-full that you aren’t going to use on your piggies anymore! This is a simple craft, and I bet tweens would get a kick out of this one. You can use battery-operated tea lights to make it safe for bedrooms, or just use the votive holders as catch-all cups for rings, hair things, or whatever. Check out the tutorial at Mother Mary Machine.

Glazed Birdies: $1 each

I just can’t get enough of the dollar store birdie makeovers. Find out how to mix up glaze for your shabby chic-style makeover here at Decor Mamma.

French Quail: $1

Lemondrops and Violets remade one of our favorite birdies into this adorable French Quail! Anyone else doing anything fun with birdies? Get the info on this makeover here.