After I sent out the super secret swap envelopes to the lucky ten, I arranged with Alison from How Does She? to swap secret envelopes with her. She sent me an envelope, and I sent her one.

I packed her envelope with super random odds & ends (the only things I can remember at the moment are papier-mache suitcases and a bag of buttons), and she sent me some seriously cute supplies – most of them are things I have never worked with before! Perfect! Check the photo at the top of the post to see what she sent me. Those wordy things are vinyl!

So, I am doing what some of you are doing – using an envelope of randomness to jumpstart my crafting! Check back with me at the end of the month to see what I came up with!

p.s. Here are some of my favorite Alison projects (all made with dollar store stuff!!)

Four Dollar Frames

Classy Dollar Store Teacher Appreciation Gift

Cute Clipboards

Alison does a lot with custom-cut vinyl! Here’s a dressed-up dollar store container and her Vinyl Info