Sarah from Pink Lime Creations is one of the Super Secret Stashbusters, and she has been busy busting through a stash of random purple-themed items I sent her way.

Here’s her intro post (with her thoughts on the envelope contents).

She’s been busy with a single scrap of sparkly purple fabric I sent! First, she made an embroidery floss bobbin.

Next, she made a fabric-covered barrette (she says it stays on fine hair really well). Amazing what you can do with a very small piece of fabric!

She used some purple polka-dotted paper to make cute tissue paper flowers.

Cleverly, Sarah used some cheapo purple acrylic yarn I had as the core for some wool dryer balls! This photo shows the balls all wrapped up for their trip in the washer and dryer for felting/fulling. You can save money by using acrylic yarn inside the wool ball! The wool balls are used as an alternative to dryer sheets. Check out this tutorial by GoodMama for another tutorial, and a post by my friend Diane at Craftypod for another method using wool roving.