Welcome to the weekend roundup of Stashbusting goodness! This week, we’re kicking off a month-long pledge to bust our stashes and avoid buying new supplies. I’m looking forward to busting into my stash, and tomorrow, I’ll send 10 lucky crafters a package of random (but special) stuff from my stash. They should receive their packages later this week and start their quests to make something with their super-secret package contents! More info on that next week!

Here’s one of my two utility shelves that are full of craft supplies! Or, I should say were full… I removed some of the supplies for the super-secret challenge!

  • Leethal is offering a stashbusting giveaway with any purchase of $9 from her shop. She’s a super-awesome crafter and author, so check out her dealz! I love her connect-the-dots stitch sets. (I know you’re not supposed to be adding to your stash this month, but perhaps if you have to buy a gift for someone?)

Here’s the second set of utility shelves filled with my stash stuff.

Since you can’t add to your stash:

Big bins of my fabric

Projects to inspire stashbusting: