Remember when I swapped envelopes with Alison at How Does She?? She made this cute headband by covering a dollar store metal headband with part of a zipper, and then making these pretty fabric knots. I really need to make a slew of headbands! I think they add a bit of polish that an accessories-challenged mommy sorely needs (but that’s just me!) Here are some other ideas for hair accessories:

Braided Fabric Headband

My  number one favorite headband tutorial of all time is this braided fabric by Cakies. So simple, yet so pretty! I love the look of a colorful braid against dark hair in this picture (my hair’s strawberry blonde, so maybe if I go with dark fabrics I’ll get that good contrast)! That’s it. As soon as I’m done posting this blog entry, I’m gonna go make a few of these! Find out how.

Sew Scrap Fabric Headbands

Since I’m such a cheapster, I don’t have any fabric as pretty as the scrap fabric used in these headbands! Still, these are so cute nearly any scrap fabric would do (and there ARE some pretty cute tea towels at the dollar store, or I could pick up a fat quarter or two of designer fabric for less than $3). Hmm, must add to my to-do list for today (right after the braided headbands). Check out the tutorial by Caitlin at Biscuits and Jam.

Twin Popsicle Barrette

This is possibly the cutest barrette ever. Soooooo adorable. I need girls so I can make this for them. Or maybe I’ll just make some into lapel pins for my sons! Find out how to make this adorable popsicle hair clip at Sew Hip Mama.

Hello Kitty Hairband

Does your daughter adore Hello Kitty? Now she can rock a headband with a bow just like Kitty’s. Get the tutorial at reader Nikki’s blog, The Salty Pineapple.

Burlap, Bling and Flower Headband

Modify dollar store headbands using faux flowers, burlap and rhinestones! Find the tutorial at Fireflies & Jellybeans.

Mix and Match Headband

Frugal Life Project combined some headbands, bows, and barrettes she already had to make a “new” headband for her daughter. When you can’t buy anything new, try reusing what you have!

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