Guys can be notoriously hard to shop for, and even harder to craft for. Every year in my family, we have a tradition of giving handmade gifts to each other. I love how this has taken the focus off shopping for the gift; instead of stressing about finding the “perfect” $20 gift (hint: it doesn’t exist!!), we spend the months leading up to the holidays thinking about the people on our gift lists and what we could make that they might enjoy. Some gifts are bigger hits than others, but we all experience truly happy feelings when exchanging gifts.

While Dollar Store Crafts is usually a pretty girly place, we have a few projects that the men on your list might enjoy:

Alien Abduction Lamp: $5

For $5, make a nifty alien abduction desk lamp perfect for the conspiracy theorist on your gift list.

Hardware Chess Set: $16 and up

This project is the most expensive one on the list, but oh so cool! Make a chess set out of nuts, bolts, screws, etc.

No-Sew Fold-Up Netbook Case: $4

This nifty fold-up case is practically a Transformer! Oh, it’s not? Well, it does transform a placemat into a netbook case with just a few folds and some strategically-placed Velcro.

Transform a Tie into a Gadget Case: FREE

Take an old tie and transform it into a handy carrying case for all those gadgets he’ll be getting for Christmas.

Stuffed Animal Headphones: $3

For the right guy, these would be awesome! Transform headphones into cute headphones with the addition of stuffed animals.

Cuddly Portable Speakers: $2

Or, if he doesn’t want to be seen with stuffed animals stuck to his head, but is cool with having one on his desk, how about disguising speakers with a stuffed animal.

None of these will work for you? Try these tried and true suggestions (most of them are food! Food is nearly always a win!):

  • Duct Tape Wallet: I made these for the guys in my family about seven years ago, and my dad still uses his. I used instructions from here to make mine.
  • Flavored Liquors: Like this Limoncello by Dot at Dabbled
  • Any cookies, candy, etc.: When in doubt, dessert it out

What are your ideas for handmade gifts for men? Or perhaps you ARE a man and can give us some insight into something handmade that you’ve received or would like to receive! Help the girls out!