What fun items have you found at the dollar store lately? Rhonda went shopping recently and found some interesting items that she’s sharing with us today in this video. What would you do with these things? Can you think of any good dollar store crafts to make with these? If you have a video camera, feel free to make your own Dollar Scores video and post it on YouTube as a response! We’d love to see what you found! [subscribe to DollarCraft Channel on YouTube]

If you don’t have time for video, I took some screenshots so you could get in on the fun.

Jingle Bells: $1

The dollar store has four or five different colors of jingle bells (they come in packs of 5). If you don’t like any of these colors, you can always spray paint them to your desired color! Great for package tie-ons.

Also, use them as toppers for these Pretty Felt Trees

Kraft Paper roll: $1

Brown kraft paper is one of the best deals at the dollar store. You can usually find it in a free-standing display along with other mailing supplies. Much higher quality than most other dollar store wrapping papers, and you can stamp it or customize it in other ways to make your own unique wrapping paper.

Make Stationery From Wrapping Paper

Flameless tea candles: 2 for $1

These are great for a variety of crafts, and are so much safer than regular candles!

4-inch flameless pillar candle: $1

You can also get these great 4″ flameless candles now! They take 3 AAA batteries, so they’ll end up costing you more like $2 to operate, but they are way cool. Cut out vinyl or contact paper to make cool silhouette designs to stick on the outside.

Display easel: $1

Cool metal display easels.

Wooden display easel: $1

Another easel option.

Pans: $1

Rhonda’s dollar store had a whole variety of pans: pizza, bread, cookie sheets, cake pans. These work with magnets (as long as they’re not aluminum), so you can make cool memo boards with them.

Make a Magnetic Perpetual Calendar

Muffin Tins: $1

Ooh, muffin tins are fun! Use them for crafting or for muffin tin meals.

Fragrance Oils: $1

You can use these to scent wax tarts, reed diffusers, or candles. Don’t use them in bath & body products that will come in contact with your skin.