Hey there Dollar Store Crafters! A few weeks ago Heather posted her awesome finds from the dollar section of Target, including some clear photo cubes.  Seeing these cubes gave me a GREAT idea! I’m sure you’ve seen a thousand versions of the wood blocks projects out there — they’re adorable! I’m tempted to buy some unfinished wood blocks every time I’m in the craft store, until I start thinking about how long and involved the project will be.  These clear photo cubes are a PERFECT compromise!

My favorite part about this project, aside from how lightening fast it was to put together, is that it’s completely INTERCHANGEABLE! Unlike the wood blocks, you can change these out anytime! It’s the craft that keeps on crafting! So, let’s get to it!

Project Estimate:

  • clear plastic photo cubes: $1 each
  • scrapbook paper-on hand
  • cardstock- on hand
  • adhesive: on hand

total: (depending on length of word) $7

I knew that I wanted to use the word “BLESSED” for my project, and thankfully there were exactly 7 photo cubes left at Target!

Once you’ve unwrapped them, you’ll see that the cube is in two parts, and inside is a paper cube that they’ve used as an example of what you can do with the cube. DON’T THROW THE PAPER CUBE AWAY! It makes the project even easier!

Each side of the cube is 3.25 inches x 3.25 inches. So I cut out 42 squares of the paper I had chosen. Then, using  just a little bit of adhesive, stuck the squares to the paper cube. I chose to make each side of my cubes have a different pattern.

Then, using a die-cutting machine, I made the letters. It was about this point that I realized that my last name had the same number of letters, so I went ahead and cut those out too for use after the holidays. Then I adhered the letters to the patterned paper, putting both words on opposite sides of the cubes, and put all the cubes back together.  (You could certainly make yours much more fancy and impressive by adding ribbons and glitter and chipboard thingamajigs. I was content with keeping it simple this time.)

And that, my friends, is a seriously quick, seriously satisfying dollar store craft!