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Reader Vanessa asks: “My fiancé and I have mounted our TV on the wall but since we live in an apartment, we can’t hide the TV cords in the walls. I’ve tried to place all sorts of tall things in front if them to no avail, it’s still ugly. Have you seen any creative, affordable options?”

Quick Suggestions:

To keep things neat-looking, bind multiple cords neatly together with zip ties or velcro ties designed for holding cords (you can these items at the dollar store).

Without altering the apartment walls, your options are more limited. Making some kind of narrow cord cover might be your best option. While it might not completely disguise the fact that your TV is plugged in, a neutral cord cover can minimize the visual clutter of a mass of cords.

Other ideas:

photo by Danny Seo at Daily Danny

Readers, please discuss your great ideas for hiding cords from a mounted TV here! Please post links and photos if you have them!