Everyone loves a good craft project, and everyone loves their pet. Why not combine your love of both into a great pet craft?! Even those who can’t or don’t have pets can get in on the fun! These are also a great way to give your child a “pet” to play with until they are old enough to care for a real one.

Blue Bird of Happiness

Bluebird of Happiness

I adapted the chicken from Martha Stewart’s “Felted Stuffed Animals” into a blue bird. Instead of using cable-knit material, I used leftover felt, and added some decorative stitching and beading, as well as some fabric paint. I also left out the wattle and comb pieces. [Martha’s template and tutorial]

Project Estimate:

  • felt scraps, on hand
  • fiberfill or cotton balls, on hand
  • needle and thread
  • beads and fabric paint (optional)

Total:  free and up

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Also see our post on how to make a pillow pet. Do you know of any other great pet softies or crafts?