Today we will bring you up to date with the last two Iron Craft Challenges – April Showers…. and the Spring Contest. Can you believe three months have gone by and it’s already time for their Spring Contest?!

Challenge 18 – April Showers…

You know what they say about April Showers (or in some cases April Snow), it brings May Flowers. Let’s kick spring into full force, this week’s challenge was flowers. [See all the submissions from Iron Craft]

Rhonda Greene’s Submission: Flowery Yarn Bomb

Rhonda's Flower BombEver since Rhonda heard about International Yarn Bombing Day coming up on June 11th, she’s had yarn bombing on the brain. This week’s Iron Craft Challenge was all about flowers (it is now May, after all!) so that’s been swimming around in her head too.

Funny, then, that when her neighborhood woke up one morning, they found this at a fairly busy intersection! Not that she’s admitting to anything. *twiddles thumbs and whistles* Read more about it on her blog!

Melinda Hileman’s Submission: Upcycled Flower Pot

Melinda's Upcycled Flower PotMelinda found an old flower pot in her grandma’s barn and had been meaning to spruce it up for a while. She decided it would be great re-painted to match the new curtains and shower curtain in their barn apartment.

After multiple layers of paint and crackle medium, Melinda finally got the color she wanted!  Then she added some faux flowers she had so it could go in the barn bathroom where the broken TV used to sit! See more pictures and read the whole story.

Challenge 19: Spring Contest

For this week, the challenge was simply “Spring”. Were were to do a project based on the season. As a bonus, it was also a contest week! [See all the submissions from Iron Craft]

Rhonda Green’s Submission: Layered Crepe Paper Card

Rhonda's Spring CraftRhonda was a little late getting her entry up for the “spring” Iron Craft Challenge. Her original idea involved a papier mache project that ended up being a much bigger undertaking than she expected.

She’s  still planning to finish the original project but it’s going to take a while!  In the meantime, Rhonda’s been on a card making kick lately, so she made a spring greeting card. She used crepe paper and Mod Podge to create a textured, layered effect on the front of the card.

See the complete tutorial here.

Melinda Hileman’s Submission: A Gift of Spring

A Gift of Spring - PricesFor under $10, Melinda made a cute apothecary jar with a nest and eggs, with an accompanying blue bird! The tag reads “A Gift of Spring.”

Click the image to the left to see the price breakdown. Before painted, the eggs were wooden, and the porcelain-like bird was flesh-tone and had sand glued all over it (ick!).

(Not included are the E-6000, cardstock, paint, paintbrushes and crackle medium.)

Melinda had a blue parakeet, so anything with cute little blue birds is special to her (and her favorite color is shiny light blue – just like the eggs!) See more pictures and read more about the project.

Iron Crafter Spring 2011Melinda had what it took to be Iron Crafter Spring 2011! Check out what she won!
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