You know we love itty-bitty things here at DSC, and that of course includes cocktail umbrellas!  We’ve brought you some spiffy crafts using the little drink garnishes before; Heather made a cocktail umbrella lamp and I used one to make a miniature merry-go-round.  Over at Etsy’s Storque blog, I came across another use for them (and perhaps the best one I’ve seen yet)!  Seller Allison of Zipper8 Lighting shares how to cover a simple paper lantern with the colorful little umbrellas with stunning results.  Count this as reason #872 why paper lanterns are always a good craft supply investment!  [how to make a cocktail umbrella lantern]

Project estimate:

  • Paper lantern, $1
  • Cocktail umbrellas, $1
  • Hot glue gun, on  hand

Total:   $2