diy string lamp

It’s been awhile since we had a reader question! Let’s put our heads together to help Miriam, who posted over in the Dollar Store Crafts community asking about dollar store ideas for toddler room decor:

Hello i am trying to make over my toddler room (he is 2). I am looking for something very inexpensive… dollar store room makeover? He loves balloons, and bubbles… I like vintage things and want a look that doesn’t look too babyish. Any ideas or pics will be very appreciated. Thanks!

My Quick Pick:

Sounds like you definitely need to find ROUND things to put into the room! Look for lanterns, balls, or other spheres that you can repeat around the room to evoke balloons and bubbles.

Here is a cheap and easy craft projects that will add some vintage flair (and stay within the round theme):

  • Make a String Lamp (see photo at top): you just need to buy a punch balloon, string, and some white glue to make this cool light fixture.

Okay, Dollar Store Designers, it’s your turn. Things you need to work with are: balloons and bubbles, with a vintage inspiration and something that will grow with him and not look too young. What are your ideas?