Remember the super-easy crocheted chain scarf that I shared recently?  I made another variation on it, and I think this may be the coolest scarf I will ever make in my life.  I was digging through my yarn remnants and combining colors to make a scarf when I came across a collection of fairly short lengths of yarn left over from past projects.  They were those scraps that are too long to throw away but are still too short for the double-wrap scarves I originally made.  I pondered how to adapt the chain scarf idea to these short pieces and came up with a cowl-like collar.  Since I used yarns in colors that remind me of autumn, I also added a leaf applique.  You can leave out the extra embellishment, or replace it with a different applique that fits your style or theme.

Project estimate:

  • Yarn, on hand or $1 and up
  • Crochet hook, on hand or $1

Total:  Free and up

This project starts out just like my other crocheted chain scarf, only with shorter chains.  First, crochet about 30 chains that are around 3 feet long.

Holding all of the chains together, tie an overhand knot toward each end of the bunch.  My knots are exactly 12 inches apart.

Crochet a small applique shape.  I made an oak leaf using one of my three leaf crochet patterns.  For a variety of applique shapes, check out Crochet Pattern Central.  Sew the applique to one of the knots.

Lay the scarf on your work surface with the applique facing up.  Divide the middle section into two equal parts as shown.

Use short lengths of yarn tied around each section to hold it together.  Tie 2 or 3 times along each section.

To wear, open up the center section and place the scarf over your head.  The scarf will have a front and back side; make sure you wear it with the applique facing outward!