I love skull themed crafts.  Most of my Halloween decorations and crafts are skulls.  And I’ve been wanting to do something with one of those nifty clip lights for a while now; seeing them back on the shelf recently has rekindled that desire.  I’ve been wanting to make some Day of the Dead calavera skulls, so I snagged a big plastic skull and gave it a glowing makeover!  Today at Giggles, Glitz, and Glam I had the honor of guest posting on Jana’s awesome blog, where I shared my tutorial.  Make sure you stop by and check it out!  [how to make a calavera skull light]

Project estimate:

  • Plastic skull, $1
  • Clip light, $1
  • Nail polish, on hand or $1 and up
  • Sharpie,  on hand

Total:  $2 and up