It’s been awhile since we had a reader question! Everyone brainstorm now! Have you seen these light kits at the dollar store? Reader Dana wrote in and asked: “I was in dollar tree yesterday and saw that they had light/lamp kits, basically a light bulb with a cord to plug in. Do you have any ideas how to make cheap but safe lamps out of these with my 4H kids?”

I haven’t been lucky enough to see these at my local Dollar Tree, but I did find them on (you have to buy a case of 36: single clip light). If you have a group project like Dana’s 4H project, buying a case of them might work for you!

Quick Ideas for Single Clip Lights:

  • Cover a clear vase with pieces of torn tissue paper (glue it on with white glue), then dangle the light inside the vase for a lamp (not sure how you’d dangle it, or how you’d run the cord out — any suggestions?)
  • Get a small lampshade (they have tiny ones at the dollar store, or check thrift store) and cover with your choice of paper, beads, etc. dangle clip light inside and it makes a small pendant lamp.

Some Dollar Store Craft Lamps that might work:

Okay, anyone else have any brilliant suggestions? Can’t wait to hear your ideas!