japanese dollar store haul

Sometimes it seems like I like to buy craft supplies even more than crafting with them. Anyone else out there do that? I have built a formidable stash, so to justify my addiction, I make videos of my “hauls” so I can feel like something productive is happening with the swag I picked up at the dollar store. This week, I present to you a haul I got in San Diego’s Marukai, a Japanese dollar store where everything is $1.50.

If you are a Youtube fan, subscribe to my Youtube channel! And, like last week’s haul video, this video features my two year-old son, who insisted on helping me (such a helper!). I recommend watching the video just because he’s 200 times cuter in video form than in the photos. Video next, and then after that I will do a photo recap.


Marukai Japanese Dollar Store Haul Recap

japanese dollar store haul

First up, a sandwich cutter that cuts your sandwiches into cute little animal shapes! I am a huge fan of fun food, so a lot of what I got was food-related.

japanese dollar store haul

Next, tiny little cookie cutters that are really for cutting up bits of cheese, egg, or meat (or whatever), for use in bento lunches. These are shaped like traffic signs, vehicles, etc. For more bento inspiration, visit Wendolonia.

japanese dollar store haul

You can’t see very well in this image, but these are super cute little plastic sauce containers shaped like fish and tiny bottles. You can use them for soy sauce, or any other tiny bit of liquid you just have to take somewhere.

japanese dollar store haul

Duct tape printed with kanji. No idea what it says, but maybe it’s something like “fragile.” I will definitely be making a duct tape craft with this!!

embossing stapler

This is a little paper embossing gadget that looks like a stapler but it impresses shapes in paper instead of stapling stuff. Sweet!!

autumn colors chopsticks

A pack of chopsticks in autumn colors. My favorite!

mom and baby

And that’s it! Join us next time!